Default tint2rc

I’ve overwritten the default tint2rc file with my own. And although i really like my new bar, I miss the network indicator. I don’t know how to add it to tint2 and can’t look at the original file ;( Yes I know, bummer. Does anyone know how i can obtain the original tint2rc file?


I never used tint2 but polybar instead and I can’t seem to find network related stuff in my ~/.config/tint2/tint2rc . In Polybar, the Icon is supplied by the command check-network, on click a network manager is called by networkmanager_dmenu &. Is this what you want to have in your tint2?

Yes, this was my intention. But I don’t really need it in tint2. The network has proven to be very stable and if needed “netwotkmanager_dmenu” can be called from the menu :wink: So no big deal. the reason I use tint is (a) it’s more configurable and (b) it shows my dropbox icon )

If you still have the skel packages installed the defaults will be in /etc/skel/.config/tint2