Default polybar config not working

Hey guys the default config for polybar is not working. I think its because of the new version of jsoncpp .

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Do you get any error messages when you try to start polybar from a terminal?

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Yes, writting polybar on a terminal emulator return this:
polybar: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Confirming a reinstall of polybar will fix this.

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Yeah I had the exact same issue earlier today, and I removed the archlabs-polybar using pacman with -Rdd option, and then I used baph -ianN polybar to reinstall & recompile the bar…however then I had to go and edit my autostart as the new version did not load…so I put the following in their instead of al-polybar-session because that no longer works:

polybar --config=/home/awais/.config/polybar/config openbox-bar &

you could also just do:

polybar openbox-bar &

Hope that helps!

I do have one question, if one of the linux ‘super users’ could help…It seems because I recompiled polybar, I cant get it to reload using rightclick-preferences-polybar-restart or start for that matter…It seems like there is symlink or something somewhere or its trying to execute a command that is no longer working…

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :smiley:

Most of the pipemenu stuff relies on al-polybar-session which is in the archlabs-scripts package, as well as some of the module scripts that come with our polybar package.

If you want to just grab it all for yourself to avoid issues they can be found here
and here

I’ve recompiled and updated archlabs-polybar which should fix things, let me know if you have any issues.


@natemaia you are a godsend!!! So I wasn’t sure if you meant that I should try reinstalling the archlabs-polybar thru pacman, which i did after removing the one I installed from AUR. However I still had the same issue, not sure if I am supposed to have done it a different way…?

Having said that, I actually used the links you sent and discovered that most scripts are located under /usr/bin and I located the two that I needed to modify, so I did that instead and removed the archlabs-polybar install again lol, and then reinstalled the one from AUR and setup my autostart with polybar openbox-bar and also modified al-polybar-pipemenu and al-polybar-session with that command (polybar openbox-bar). Everything seems to be working great!

Nate you are the BEST; thanks for the help/guidance!! :slight_smile:


No problem.

I’m not sure what happened, I tested it on an alt computer as well and all seems well. Make sure the archlabs-polybar package version is 3.4.0-4

It doesnt show as that, I checked that initially, but tried it regardless… if I do pacman -Si it showed that its version 3.3… although I just checked and it shows the latest one that you are referencing 3.4.0-4…

I guess I will revert all my changes and give yours another shot :smiley:


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You can do pacman -Syyu <package> to avoid this and other problems from partial upgrades (generally)

Hey Nate, so i uninstalled everything reverted back all my changes, and now I dont receive an error anymore, however when I try to launch polybar it actually does nothing…so I opened up terminal ran polybar without any options, and it basically comes back saying that I have to give it some options BAR …

I also tried rightclick-preferences-polybar-start but it doesnt seem to do anything.

Im not sure if you are seeing the same thing, but is it not receiving variables from somewhere?? Maybe I have to reboot, but I doubt that… Let me know your thoughts


Hmm sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I’d say go with your own modifications in that case, I’m not sure what’s goin on.