Default Filemanager

So i’m using my basterdized cinnamon i3 combo. Which gives me cinnamon settings. But when I select default filemanger and make it nemo, when I super+f it still opens thunar. Anyone know the specific txt file this selection is in… in my i3 config it points to filemanger… anyone?

You might need to update your i3 config? Change the keybind there.

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In your screenshot you noted that i3 is handling the windows and shortcuts - I’m assuming that includes key bindings. There should be an entry in the ~/.config/i3/config file for the file manager, make sure that is for nemo and matches up with what you set for default file manager.

How did you set the default file manager? Did you have to install gnome-settings and go that route for setting the default applications? I don’t know if using xfce4-settings-manager to set preferred applications would work with cinnamon.

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I don’t believe it would but I’m sure cinnamon has something equivalent. Have you tried leaving the keybind within i3 and simply changing your defaults to nemo in both the cinnamon and xfce settings manager?

xfce4-settings-manager did it. It is overridden by cinnamon settings so I don’t see it in rofi… had start it via the cli…but fixed it right up.


Do cinnamon settings override it every time you log in?

Well I actually had it set in cinnamon settings but it wasn’t taking… but now I must log out and test…lol

It works fine now, even after reboot.

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What’s autostarted in your i3 config? Set up like openbox where xfsettingsd is started?

I suppose that would be the difference maker; autostart gnome-settings (or whatever it’s called) and then cinnamon would control the preferred applications.

Just thinking out loud.

Think it’s this one that should be changed…

run once

exec --no-startup-id xfsettingsd
exec --no-startup-id al-compositor --start

I don’t know what the equivalent command would be in Cinnamon… maybe

exec --no-startup-id cinnamon-settings-daemon

Something to experiment with.

Yes…will give it a shot later…may be able to just remove the line completely.