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Hi Archlabbers!

I have a little problem with default applications. I use openbox and I can not find where to change default applications. Am trying to use xdg-open but it is not possible to change default application that way. Only to check. Are there any experts in openbox out there?



Try on with Obmenu @womp , should do the trick

Edit: wrong name !


@womp obmenu–> Preferences–> Settings Manager–> Preferred Applications

Logout & back in again… Good to go :slight_smile:


You re much better at explaining than me @Glenn


No man, just a big mouth lol


lol, bad boy also !


exo-preferred-applications also does the same thing. Launch it from Rofi or Dmenu.


Thank you guys for answers!
My prefered browser is Firefox for the moment but when I open links from thunderbird, they open in Midori even though I have Firefox set as prefered browser.
Can not find anywhere to change this is Thunderbird.



I have just today manually set some default applications using xdg-mime with i3. Can’t say if it is different for openbox, though.
Check Arch wiki for more info.


I don’t believe there is one. I seem to remember having a similar issue some time ago. I’d just trick it into using FF by uninstalling Midori, opening a link again in Thunderbird, making certain FF is set as default from within it’s settings and then reinstalling Midori.


Have you set in Firefox for it to be the default as well as exo-preferred-applications?


Finally! To set it thru Firefox did it! Thank you guys!!



Glad it s working @womp

Thx @Dobbie03 for the solution