Deepin vs Plasma

So this is a bit of a multi-part post.

Firstly, I’ve been thinking about trying out a DE lately (still not 100% but I think it’d be a nice change for a bit) and I’m stuck between deepin and plasma - your thoughts and/or experience on either would appreciated.

Secondly, would anyone be interested in having deepin available as an option during install?


Not much of my cup of tea for a while but I would choose Plasma.

I have never used Deepin. So I have no comment on that but I do quite like Plasma.

I wouldn’t complain if Deepin was available for those who want it.

Yea I tried out their latest and it’s actually really nice, I’d best describe it as the in-between of gnome and plasma. There’s not as much menus or customization as in plasma but much more than in gnome. Everything is also quite snappy and the system resources aren’t heavily taxed.

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Let’s do it then!

Someone in the deepinenespanol forum mentioned that this leaked UOS beta iso is for Huawei devices and I was thinking it is intended for those Huawei laptops (and tablets) with 2k-4k screens and touch controls. Smallest font size option is 11 and scaling can’t be set below 1. Looks cramped on my 1080p monitor. Hoping something more compact shows up. I’ll miss the side control panel that they have perfected only to give it up and switch to windowed.

Plasma is really nice and snappy with cool desktop effects but too many options to tweak the UI is such a distraction for this tweaker so I use elementary and possibly deepin. Fewer options and a mostly locked UI does have its advantage.


My issue with that beta is that it’s Ubuntu based and lacks most software packages. I wanna stay within the arch repos.

I think you’re right though deepin has a cleaner and more concise interface and applications.

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Pretty sure it will trickle down to Arch after its release like before.

Plasma is not for me, but thanks anyway.

We might as well add Budgie while we are at it.

Hi Guys,

Let me start by saying, I love deepin! I think its one of the best WM and subjectively one of the best distros around. Its very light weight, like Nate said, its like a mix between Budgie Desktop and Gnome, very functional, everythings available from this transparent glass like side panel, very pretty… Can’t say i have tried Plasma, which looks nice, but from what I’ve read it has a tendency to become a bit heavy tho having lots of customization and widgets and such…

@Nate I would love the ability to have the option of Deepin WM during install; I think it would open this Distro up to new users as well


Oh and happy belated Thanksgiving!!

I would second this, tho I’m not sure if you were being sarcastic…lol I think Budgie is a pretty nice WM, but still needs work, but again, i would love the option during install… :slight_smile:

Why not Sway at last?

Would be a good idea.

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