December 2020 Screenshot Thread

Well December is here, this thread counts as our 40th monthly screenshot thread. Pretty cool, it’s amazing how time flies.

Please continue the awesome from November here.

As usual:

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MX Linux Base ISO (a “slimmer” version of MX), XFCE DE, Openbox for the WM, Tint2 using BL’s Lithium config for the panel, wallpaper from AntiX, Conky is the MX version like AntiX’s, custom rofi rasi, picom with the dual kawabunga or whatever blur. (edit: picom config with the rounded corners). Oh and BL’s Yeti-Lith for the theme.


Nice shot @drummer

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1st of the month; clean BL install after hard disk crashed yesterday;

Luckily I have some spare hard disks.


basic xfce install with just bash, linux-lts, firefox, and xfce4-terminal selected on the latest AL iso.

Oh also single partition and encryption selected.


Nice & simple @cog

Another scrot with neofetch, PCMan, and jgmenu using AL’s menu. Liquorix kernel FTW.


Nicee @drummer . Forgot to reinstall neofetch on my new install, thx for the reminder !

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It’s now setup like all the rest of my scrots from the past 6 months. Gonna use xfce4 for work and dk for recreational computing via AL. Then keeping ubuntu lts on all the computers I have to support, servers and family PCs.


A good working flow for my needs.
Openbox, jgmenu and tint2 with a few added programs.


Top @sammiev

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Top again @PackRat

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Fine tuning some key bindings and key chains:


Pimping never stops right ! lol


You got that right.

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Very nice. Haven’t seen many people are using Fluxbox these days.

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True, wonder if it s still maintained, looks like the last updates & news were from 2015 sadly.

Fluxbox is still maintained.. It’s mature and pretty much bug free so not a whole lot of activity.

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