December 2018 Screenshot Thread


That would be the transient window focus policy wouldn’t it?

My config has:


after setting the focus policy, so transients won’t grab focus - I can see that causing trouble, so you probably just fixed a bug in my config. Thanks.

from the fvwm man page:

		     The old GrabFocus style is equivalent to using
		     FPGrabFocus + FPReleaseFocus.

		     The old GrabFocusTransient style is equivalent to using
		     FPGrabFocusTransient + FPReleaseFocusTransient.

back on topic - just a wallpaper change:

switched from nitrogen to feh for setting wallpaper- worked out pretty well, feh has some nice options.


!FPGrabFocusTransient --> FPGrabFocusTransient & works perfect now.

cleaned up my system tray some… really happy with the result.


Looks great @cog , wish I was as good as some of you guys in here !


Agreed. Although @LionessAlana color scheme is treacherous. Hmm, I guess it’s a toss up.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@sevenday4 what do you mean? :joy:


I don’t have a clue at all @LionessAlana, none what so ever… :joy::crossed_fingers:


TELL ME, I MUST KNOW! I would never knowingly betray ArchLabs :stuck_out_tongue:


Wasn’t it curiosity that got the cat, @LionessAlana?:joy:
The colors, the colors, the colors…:joy:


I legitimately don’t understand :joy:
Is it that they’re kinda Ubuntu-like?


Off to a great start this month – great job everyone!



Nah, if you look at my thumb nail, the color scheme is pretty close.


@McQ and great to see the default look being kept but with the colour changes.


Nice futuristic wall in there @McQ


Looks great


Experimenting with mpv as music player. Works well with ranger and automatic positioning of album cover.


Nice experiments @dimaom


@dimaom - nice.

using FvwmButtons to make tint2 play nice with Fvwm:


further refinements to my top panel


I think I’m gonna hack together a modular theming solution next based on the fvwm-desktop wallpaper setup for changing themes next. I’m probably gonna use your colors or facecolors 365 stuff on gnome-look.