December 2018 Screenshot Thread


Nice neighbourhood @cog


@PackRat I think I’m gonna stick with my focus policy. It’s a rougher script than just utilizing “GrabFocusOn” which I really wanna use. The problem is I’m using a sandboxed WPS office now for work instead of MS office but when I do a CTRL-F for find the find box doesn’t get focused and I end up typing on top of my good spreadsheet.


Just playing around. New WP, some polybar updates and a new vivid mode :slight_smile:

Edit: Forum auto-jpg compressing is brutal. Original here


Nice scrot. Best idea is to upload to for screenshots.


Same old shit from me.


That wp actually looks sweet as hell. I really love the reflected text. It’s got a unixporn vibe about it and I’m digging it!


Thanks! It’s a shame Unixporn didn’t feel the same way when I posted it many months ago. :smiley:


Okay thought I’d add a little class to my desktop



Thanks man. What you stepping in these days?

@Dobbie03 Thanks dude. you making an /etc/skel for the 2019 releases? :wink:



We are chipping away at a new one. Won’t be ready for a wee while yet.


Hahaha! This is excellent!


The last shots for this year. Same as always, but with the beautiful gem “vivid”.


Looks cool! Glad you’re liking vivid! Using a custom symbol? It looks nice!

One thing to note is that I see you’ve blurred out the username in aura. You can run it as aura -n 'user' and it won’t display it. Same applies to all the modules.


Old chocolates in a new box. :smiley:


Thank you. No i don`t use a custom symbol. This was the default symbol in your script. Dont know why. Maybe i miss to install some special font or something, but i love this symbol a lot. Here is the script i clone from your gitlab repo:


AND: Thank you for the aura -n ’user’ tip!


Well, it’s not meant to be that symbol! It isn’t that on my system, but oh well! :smiley:




Nice old shit @Dobbie03 . lol


Thx @cog. We re in snow right now ! lol

Same thing on my end appart from updates on all of my installs.


Top job @subjunkie