December 2018 Screenshot Thread


Just a small one today. Getting up to some polybar shenanigans!


working on tweaking @PackRat 's FVWM config


That is really nice. Those colours are mint!


It’s Input Mono Compressed. From
Using Nerd patched set for terminal.


Thanks, it’s one of the dkeg’s schemes.


We don’t use the M-word here, Dobbie :speak_no_evil:




lol, bad bad bad !


thanks; that’s a pretty nice set; using it for dwm and st:


Another great shot @PackRat


So, I just ended up redoing my FVWM config with @PackRat 's

Got a new gnome-smells setup using only FVWM’s built in stuff (panel built from FVWM swallowed stuff instead of polybar), gsimplecal, stalonetray, rofi, and mate apps for filler. Also a new wall from home before it started snowing hard. Take a look see.

config’s are here


Sorry Ma’am.

In that case

Those colours are amazing.


Top job again @cog


I’m honored; glad you got some use out of those configs. How did you get fvwm-menu-desktop working?

Tinkering with fluxbox’s pipemenu capabilities - and internal menu option called “wallpapers” functions as a pipemenu entry to play music etc … Originally meant to be a wallpaper changer:


Minimal changes, but I’m happy. Using now ST-terminal and Qutebrowser


Nice shots again @Negata




No problem ! lol


Are those wild horses or yours?


Those are my neighbors horses. As far as the fvwm-menu-desktop goes, it’s kind of half way working. I need to figure out why it still puts the default wallpaper sometimes if you do a fvwm command restart. I use to not use it because compton needs nitrogen but I’ve been having problems with some apps and compton so I figured I’d just use the fvwm-menu-desktop again. I’m gonna look closer at your config again with the way your windows focus policy is. It works better than mine.