December 2018 Screenshot Thread


Cool @Negata !


@Dobbie03 Thanks man! I siphon off some stuff from your screenshots. :slight_smile:
@altman Thanks! I wait for the right moment when I have something interesting to show.
@chris60601 Thanks! My constant habit of checking out themes, wallpapers and scrots. After a while, the interest just builds up to create something and showcase it.


Cool, Thx for the comeback @m00n !


I feel honoured :smiley:


Likewise sensei :blush:


lol, good one @m00n


Cold and raining all day, so spammin’ the forum:

been in a B&W wallpaper mode lately.


That makes two of us :smiley:


Nice spam in there @PackRat ! lol


Minor tweaks and changes. Moved stuff around on my polybars and added backlight module. Blew out my package count more than I’d like, and changed my main font. :slight_smile:


Really dig the polybar. Very well done.


Thank you!



Nice & dark @andril


More festive and busy


That s some change from the above one ! @andril . Also nice.


new colors, terminal font, tmux config


Looks greatb @dimaom


Great colors! Looks beautiful! :smiley:


What is the terminal font?

some i3 -