December 2018 Screenshot Thread



One last scrot, promise.

Firefox, st and Thunar.


Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash


Ah - back to a lighter theme?


90% light, the browser and a few others run dark.


Got most of my papercuts straigtened out on FVWM. The cool thing is this is almost cross platform now. Could drop these dots on Arch, Debian, Gentoo or Ubuntu like I got them now.

Wall is from my 2nd anniversary a week ago. under .fvwm/


Very cool @cog. If you are okay with this I may pinch your dots for tweaking to fit AL.


yeah man. use all you want. I haven’t put any kind of license but if I did, I’ve always been more right-winged BSD do whatever you want with this.


Thanks man appreciate it.


I’m searching for wallpapers to get profit from the wallpaper changer script :smiling_imp:.


Have a look here for walls:


That’s some awesome adobe architecture; how old is that building?


Back to blue and other shades …

Other images being tested here.

Happy 2019 for everyone !! \0/




Thank you!!!


No problem,


Just little colour tweaks! Need to get my hands dirty with either dwm+st or qtile+kitty (I prefer the second option tbh but then I’m a Monty Python fan innit guv’nah)

I also know how much @Dobbie03 and others LOVE gaps so just for them, extra helpings!


Looks great @DatNobleSavage


Still not right as I want to emulate the spacemacs-dark theme as it’s pretty lush. Plus have edited post with higher resolution image so yeah :wink:


Work in progress right @DatNobleSavage


Before January 2019 thread is open, my last minute 2018 screenshot. :slight_smile:


Oh, pretty much spot on @nwg