December 2018 Screenshot Thread



First rice? jesus, in my first attempt I only changed the bar background haha. I’m not an English native speaker too, so don’t worry about it :b


Top job @k43r17h


From your bio it sounds like you are (or should learn to be) a web developer or software engineer!


I think i’m not “smart” enough for that but thank you (to think that maybe I am), you do an IT job ?


Smart enough to be a web dev? It’s all lies :slight_smile: I’m just getting into it after a life of thinking I wasn’t smart enough too…


Maybe it would be great to find a way in that category of jobs, factories or neetage become quickly boring…
Good night.


That is really impressive.


This is why I’m saying he should look into web development… making websites look pretty by learning HTML and CSS, and making bank :wink:


I too lied about final scrot for 2018.

Adwaita Dark and the Adwaita Next Icons make an appearance.

Photo by Adrian Trinkaus on Unsplash


Nicee shot again @Dobbie03


Sorry I can’t recall, what do you use for these chuck norris jokes ? :wink:


It’s a zsh plugin.

Add this to your .zshrc

fortune -a /home/USER/.oh-my-zsh/plugins/chucknorris/fortunes/chucknorris

@altman, thanks mate.


No problem mate, top job @Dobbie03


Thanks, although I’m not sure I’m currently having oh my zsh, since I’m on an older archlabs install. Gotta dig it up !


Easy enough to install thankfully!


Yes indeed, had it on fedora but I don’t miss it so far on AL. Although… Powerlevel9k…

Damn, you are going to make me tweak my config again ! :smiley:


That’s the whole idea!


openbox, tint2, qutebrowser, and some music while I wait for NFL scores to load:


Nice, love that gradient on the titlebars.



Have to get into the per app settings and remove the decor from qutebrowser by default.