December 2018 Screenshot Thread



@Dobbie03 lol thanks. It’s a quirky beast. @PackRat has helped me figure out a lot.


One last screen for December for me. Still tweaking my i3-gaps (without gaps). Polybar with some custom stuff. Bindings for the F keys to bring up “cheat sheets” like the vim shown.
For example - Mod+ F1 would bring up my overall cheat for i3 bindings, Shift F1 for my LUKS encryption cheat, etc. Sorta my own online library. Other stuff behind the scenes.


Hello fellow non-gaps user.

Last scrot for the year for me too. Literally nothing new other than wallpaper. Still enjoying this uber slim Polybar.


Its odd, Dobbie - I didn’t think I would like NOT using gaps. Surprisingly, I am diggin it!


I find gaps to be a waste of important screen real estate. :slight_smile:

Soon you’ll find gaps to be irritating :smiley: They look nice in a scrot but that’s as far as it goes for me.


So I guess the real question is this; besides the gaps, what does i3-G buy you other than the obvious? I have not read what the “extra” benefits are that are in Gaps so I don’t know.


I’m not sure what other benefits are with Gaps. I need to have a read up to see…


Openbox with cairo. Actually more functional than I thought.



… I lied. Here should be the last one. Added dual monitor support and finished tweaking mpd (although that is not shown here.


My last screenshot of the year. I wish you have a nice 2019!

Polybar’s style is from this topic


Looks great again @Chris


Nicee @Dobbie03


Top job again @cog


There are some additional settings for the i3bar - fixed height for the bar, transparency, some additional color options. Examples in the Readme file on git page.


Good work! Looks great.




Uhh, this is good. Are you using a whole color overlay or something?


All by hand, it took me the entire day, the css for firefox was black coffee (as you can see in, i have completely modified that css), the gtk theme was made using oomox, polybar colors directly in /polybar/master.conf, i3 colors in /i3/config
Here is my rofi, by advance happy new year guys.


Wow, you really are dedicated. Everything match perfectly, good job!


Thx :blush:
To be honest with you I just have made my account just for show my first rice (sorry for my english), I was so proud that I wanted to share.
Good evening to you.