December 2018 Screenshot Thread


Alright, December’s just started in my place, too.


I can’t speak with authority, but I doubt the default wm will change in the near future (if at all). It seems to me that one of the main drives of the dev team is to create a spirital successor to #! and BunsenLabs. Both of those distros came packaged with preconfigured Openbox :smile:


This is super cool! I also love the lowpoly space wall! :heart_eyes:


I must admit that 99% of my wallpapers is just stolen from Wallhaven. :slight_smile:


Nice walls in there @nwg .


Same old stuff besides updates on my BL install, AL s to come later on;

Again, no idea where I took the wall from.Sorry about that.


Yes and no. I don’t want to say too much just yet but… yes and no. :slight_smile:

That still stands but how we deliver that will be different.


Oh-ho! Well, that’s certainly interesting! I’m intruiged to see how the project evolves :grinning:


Keeping it minimal this month


Very cool color scheme! Looking nice!


Feeling in a grey mood.


@Dobbie03 this looks fantastic! Nice to see alacritty as well :wink:


Thanks! Yeah its struggling with the combination of cava and Death Metal but it looks nice enough to not worry about that.


Struggling? Really? I know my laptop has what can only be described as an unreasonable amount of excess power, but I haven’t had anything like that… Hm. Also, nice little sneaky aura in there, didn’t notice that at first glance :smiley:


:slight_smile: Yeah its doing funny things, but its not that noticeable.


Can’t wait to see you in a colorful mood. :rofl:


It’s rare. Rare I say.


I’m feeling in a gay mood. Does that count?


Hmmm not sure. Is that a colour or a sexual orientation?



The second looks really wicked.