December 2018 Screenshot Thread



Great job @Arcandres


Great work! Cool idea about the different wallpaper for differen workspaces.


Really nice @Arcandres :slight_smile:

I don’t know, when I pick a wall, I’m kinda in love with it till I find another wall.

Damn, good thing I’m not that way with Women :grin:


I’m the same. Sometimes when I change walls I liked the last one so much I go back to it.


Just proved my own point.


Nice man. Love the light theme, wish that would work with these eyes. Again, gorgeous wall :slight_smile:


Its funny, my eyes love the light themes, the dark ones not so much.


Same here, but for some reason, the default dark themes for sublime and this forum are just fine. Contrast related, I suppose.

i3 -

plain ol’ i3. I use it in tabbed mode so no gaps.


Is this the volume bar you were talking about? It looks stellar!


Well, I’ve been converted to the dark side. Working on configuring my dwm. I’m not quite happy with it yet, but it’s getting there! Featuring a wallpaper from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which may be my favourite movie of the year.


Nicee @LionessAlana


Nice work!! Did you install DWM via AUR or compile?


That is particularly awesome. I’m probably gonna have to steal your dwm setup.


That font on that wallpaper looks super sexy!


Pulled it from the repo and compiled it :smile:


Back to a Dark terminal theme, everything else is still light…for now.


Kind of back to normal for you(dark themes) @Dobbie03 ! lol

Nice shot again.


I’m also minimizing the top bar.

Wallpaper: Psychedelic Pluto


Nice & sweet @Negata


@altman It looks like a Christmas tree ball :christmas_tree: