December 2018 Screenshot Thread



Same set up than before but with a few compton, ranger and Wallpaper “tweaks”.




Thanks Glenn!


That’s nice. The texture on the wallpaper is particularly nice.


Thanks Dobbie!

I can share the wall if you want it or anyone else.


Nicee @subjunkie


Should bundle that one into the next iso.


That is an awesome work, SJ. Nice job!


You bet @PackRat


My latest AL upgrade, got it to look a bit like BL.


It reminds me of BL too. Nice @altman!


dwm + conky for system information -

patched with: focusonclick, bottomstack, attachaside, gaplessgrid, uselessgap, and systray.

First time I’ve used the attachaside patch; very nice.

Wallpaper should look familiar.


Top job again @PackRat


I’m curious, I know very little (actually, nothing) of DWM. Does it allow you to do gaps like i3-g does?

Perhaps I ought to look into this at some point.


That’s very slick!


Yes, you can patch it with uselessgap to put an aesthetic gap between windows, then edit the config.h file and define the size of the gap (you can see that line in the screenshot). So similar to defining the gap for i3-gaps; although i3-gaps has more options doesn’t it?


Yes it does. LOL, reading up at the site. This just cracks me up…

“Because dwm is customized through editing its source code, it’s pointless to make binary packages of it. This keeps its userbase small and elitist. No novices asking stupid questions. There are some distributions that provide binary packages though.”

LOL - nice way to win some folks over. BTW, emphasis is mine :wink:


Yep, the suckless crew is pretty good with the geeky sarcasms.


It matches the quality of their product :smiley:


No one was going to tell me that I can have different wallpapers per workspace?, OMG!