December 2018 Screenshot Thread



More of the latest. Comparing file managers:
Left: nnn
Right: ranger


Awesome Chris! :grinning:

My choice… Ranger


Oh yes. Hands down. For me, only because it does a nice image preview :slight_smile: But I tell ya, nnn is fast.


Funny, Nate and I were just discussing nnn

Nice setup.


I’m on pcmanfm at the moment.


I actually love pcmanfm… My favorite FM.


It’s an awesome tool.


Installed thunar along with nemo in cinnamon but wish I had opted for pcmanfm. Nemo isn’t bad but needs to control the desktop backgrounds and that has many problems w/ multiple monitors. I Have three now but only display two for obvious reasons.


I tried Nemo but always went back to Thunar. Just spending time with PCmanFM to see which I like better.


Because Nemo controls the desktop, you’ve got a ridiculously small amount of choices regarding background placement & scale. I know how to turn that off but haven’t found a good way to integrate Nitrogen.


I usually use ranger, but when it comes to drag and drop operations I have to return to thunar.



That is a nice Ranger set up there @Arcandres


Yeah, the glyphs give it a nice touch.


I’m using something similar.


Looks good

PD: You burned my eyes!


LOL I’ve been on a light theme for a while now. It’s better for me peepers that I am.


Man I think I just turned to dust and I’m not in my coffin! -Dracula after seeing @Dobbie03’s ranger. :grin:


You guys okay? Wear sunnies in future. :sun_with_face:


Too late! Screen permanently burned into eyeballs like the phosphorus that used to coat the old monitors…:sunglasses:


Uhoh, next time I’ll post a warning.