December 2018 Screenshot Thread



Nicee again @Chris


Looking good, loving that weather module.


Yes, I checked that and did some testing, and the terminals should be slightly transparent like they are in the later scrot.

More spectrwm:

checking out atom text editor; looks pretty good, but kind of a resource hog. Have to use it some more.

@Chris - you have a link for that wall (mountains & lake)


I had real issues with Atom. Lately I have been using Code as my editor.


ArchLabs 2018.12 dwm :sunglasses:


FAB installer.
FAB distro.
Merry Christmas.



Nicee @mrneilypops . Busy on your side mate !


Thanks Neil. Gonna add this one to the Gallery.


Yes I do! Here are 2 variations for you:

The whole site is really great for wallpapers.


Here we go. Finished a few more mods. Got the mail notify working and all. This is my current, clean desktop.


Nice setup. LOVE that wallpaper.


Thank you.



tweaking dwm


Nice one man.


Thought I’d sworn off DE’s long ago but have really been enjoying Cinnamon lately. Posted this in ‘custom archlabs scrots’ but thought I’d share here too (accidently used neofetch so, thought I’d show al-info here :slight_smile: )

Fresh install (2018.12) w/ cinnamon.


I see you’re on the pipe(s) @Glenn! Don’t you know that is dangerous to your sanity? :joy:


Ohhh, I can totally maintain pipe(s) dude but add cmatrix… Consider me tweaked :rofl:


Wow! I thought you would just get the munchies and don’t want to do anything but install and modify DEs all day. If you’re tweaking, that must mean you are on the openbox DE! Ummm, I’m telling on you! Ummm… :joy:


Here is mine, possibly last one for the year.

Photo by Smart on Unsplash


Nice man, wish I could use light themes. Gorgeous wall and ++ for mentioning the unsplash artist.


Thanks man. I love dark themes and even though I have perfect eye sight, I struggle with the dark windows.

I have been trying to add the unsplash artist where I can. It’s only fair, they provide me with endless nice looking wallpapers, I should mention them when I post.