December 2018 Screenshot Thread



That looks pretty cool @Arcandres. High tech or high jinx, it really looks professional…and in a way, geeky in a good way.
I like it!


You put into words what I couldn’t.


Thanks @Dobbie03 @sevenday4. It’s not too different from my initial setup but it’s true what they say, wallpapers does most part of the job.

PD: I’m sorry if my english is weird, not a native speaker :b


Your English seems perfectly fine. :slight_smile:
It is true, on some setups the wallpaper does make the scrot, it doesn’t apply in this case. Everything about this is spot on.


:coffee::sun_with_face: Today with ‘Uranus from Voyager’. I’m also testing Qutebrowser.


We understand you just fine @Arcandres. You’ll get plenty of practice in this forum, as long as you don’t follow my example!:joy:


Another one. I try my luck with vim as text editor. Not so easy as i thought… :grimacing: but i dont give up.
left to right: urxvt with sysinfo found here: vim, ncmpcpp, ranger with icons, ncmpcpp(own visualizer) Bars: Polybar(top) and i3bar with i3status-rust (bottom)


Wow. I love that!


That wall in the NASA archives?


Yes @PackRat, inside the missions section. I was looking at images of the InSight on Mars, and I downloaded some for wallpaper


Cool! I’m kind of a ‘space cadet’ myself. They are saying that InSight found evidence of water below the surface. Nice screen by the way.:grin:


:muscle::muscle: Every clear night I always contemplate the stars. And I always take some astronomy book from the library or read mission news. A small hobby.

Yes, I was reading about evidences. And the images of the cameras are impressive!


@Negata and @subjunkie some epic work there! Awesome, well done.



AL + spectrwm, conky for the system info:


Another nice shot in there @PackRat . Again you guys make my installs look like crap ! lol


I’m going to add this one to the Gallery. love it.


just put up a couple more for your perusal.


Sweetness, thank you.


You sure compton isn’t running?


Latest, greatest and nearly complete.