December 2018 Screenshot Thread



ArchLabs 2018-12 goes like a rocket !! This afternoon I installed the latest version on a 240GB SSD. Congratulations to the whole team and thank you, thank you very much !!


Clean install 2018-12; bspwm, tint2 with psuinfo executors -


How’d you get the panel transparent?


2018.12 release, i3 with i3status-rust-git


Nicee, didn t waste any time to install the newest release @subjunkie


Nicee @Negata @PackRat


Similar, but with purple and a national geographic wallpaper, wild Iceland.


Another nice shot @Negata


I don’t know.

tint2 panel just started showing as transparent on my systems whether compton was running or not. I haven’t done anything to the configuration. Never bothered to track it down as a bug in tint2, X etc … either.

Does it on Nvidia (ArchLabs install), Intel, and AMD graphics, as well as, for any window manager.


Well done!


Sa - weeeet!!


Oh ok. I didn’t realize it was tint2.


Still doesn’t explain this though, from the tint2 git page:

opacity varies from (0 to 100), where 0 is fully transparent, 100 is fully opaque. Note that for a transparent panel you need to enable a desktop compositor (such as compton or compiz).

That still true? My tint2 panels are transparent whether a compositor is enabled or not. Never used tint2 enough to really notice.

back on topic - have 2018-12 release tweaked back to the usual setups; bspwm with polybar, openbox with tint2:


An update to Tint2 executors on my desktop: t2ec --weather added to the top panel.


Simply outstanding!


Making Tint2 look like Conky is stupid, but possible. :sunglasses:


Nice wall in the @nwg



Here goes mine… God I’m really enjoy using ArchLabs


That is really nice!