December 2018 Screenshot Thread



You have to forgive me @PackRat, my two brain cells are frozen up here in the north west. Talk about brain freeze… :joy:


And when they thaw, they’ll still be rusty.

I’m from Portland metro area originally, so I know about which I speak.


I live in Elgin area. By the time my brain cells thaw, they suffocate from the heat until the quick freeze happens. Besides, I’m old so of course I will be rusty… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Back on topic - awesome window manager:


Never ask an American of a language. Look what they did to English. :rofl: (listened in London).


Lol! I think I would get lost in England. The way they spell some things, are totally different than how I would pronounce them. At least in the US, it’s a little easier to follow, that is until you throw in slang words or you’re in the deep south or in New York. Then all bets are off. :grinning:


I’m at least triple handicapped here: never learnt English at school, spent 7 days of my life in London, have opportunity to speak English twice a year, if some foreigners come to the office. :slight_smile:


Then you’re screwed if you ever visit Wales.


Wales, isn’t that a sea mama? Lol Believe it or not I Welsh in my family tree as well as Irish. I’m pretty sure if I visit Wales or Ireland, I would want to be back in the US as soon as possible. Besides, they drive on the wrong side of the road. :grinning:


Well, I have tried to learn other languages, other than computer languages :wink:, and I would do horrible. But it is strange to talk to someone in English, and still not understand a word that they are saying. That is mind blowingly insane… :joy:



Can you please provide direct links to screenshots? You can add link to your blog below if you want. But i’d like to see screenshot, not the blog post.


Direct PNG link


Or just use:

![my cool screenshot](


Another amazing job, congratulations !! :ok_hand::+1::v::metal::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Top job in there @Addy


My last job, simple as always …

And here’s my Christmas tree … hahahaha … :joy::joy:

Anyway, I want to thank everyone in this forum, without exception !!
To all members and forum leaders! (staff)
My thanks for the system and patience !!

@nwg Thank you for creating psuinfo!


Thank you!

Great shot there.


Hey! Where’s the lights!?:joy:
Hope you have a merry Christmas!


Hahahaa… not a tree but there is something throbbing there :joy::joy:
Also for you and your family !! :+1::+1::+1: