December 2018 Screenshot Thread

Niccee @Dobbie03

Officially December here, so another shot:


@PackRat How do you display an Archlabs image in your bar ? Would be glad to replace my arch logo on my polybar ^^

My thinkpad so far; I still have to work on my termite theme

For the awesome wm bar (and tint2) I use a transparent image - available here.

There are some more, but the link provided by dobbie is dead; must be moving them over to another page.

Not sure what you can do with polybar; I don’t think it handles image files. Would have to add the logo to a font, I think.

Edit - and the forum appears to be migrating into holiday mode.

Some new work done on my i3blocks:
tweaked the battery module, added the CPU temp that actually reflects temps correctly, clicking on date brings up me calcurse (or gsimplecal - depending on my mood I guess).
And yeah - I guess I added a few more packages from last time.

Overall theme is the same, its the hidden bits I love working on :slight_smile:


@gazeka74 and @PackRat, I have updated the link for the logos.

Yes, @PackRat we are in holiday mode. If only there was a holiday in real life.

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Nice to see amazing screenshots here! Some screenies of my easy peasy Xfce desktop. Using compiz and metacity theme. Terminal color scheme is my mod of szorfein’s RedEyes

Wallpaper1 Wallpaper2


Nice shots in there @m00n . Been a little while !

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Wow! Magic setup.

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Wow indeed! I wish I had that sort of creative eye.
Great job! What inspires you to create something like this?

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A facelift for the new Year. I’ve changed to i3-gaps and the colors.Thank you for everything I learn with you. Have a happy month and a happy start of the year. Health and strength !! :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:

Feliz mes y feliz comienzo de año. ¡Salud y Fuerza!


Looks good, how is Firefox with all that transparency?

I’ve modified the transparency on inactive windows. Only works when there are two windows or more

Got ya. Cool. Looks fantastic.

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The first time I try i3-gaps @Dobbie03 . I like it

New wallpaper and showing of @anon52460207’s Vivid script.

@Negata, I love i3, not so much the gaps :smiley: Glad you are enjoying it.


I’ve looked it up in the dictionary. I improve my English every day. I didn’t know the word :joy:

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gaps = spaces :smiley:

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Cool @Negata !

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@Dobbie03 Thanks man! I siphon off some stuff from your screenshots. :slight_smile:
@altman Thanks! I wait for the right moment when I have something interesting to show.
@Chris Thanks! My constant habit of checking out themes, wallpapers and scrots. After a while, the interest just builds up to create something and showcase it.