Debian Sid based distros -


I may have missed it; they use the Debian installer and that’s usually a question.

Sparky is a nice distro too; don’t see many Debian Testing builds.


I installed VSiDO on an Acer One AO110 a month ago; didn’t take much to set it up and is running fine (as good as it can), I have to confess that seeing PackRat as contributor gave me the last ‘push’ to go and try it.
I don’t have much more to say about the OS as I actually don’t use that netbook at all; is just that it still has almost two hours of battery life and i like to have it ready for any emergency.
Any emergency that the poor thing can handle.
Excellent impression overall, VSIDO has all the chances to do great.


Had Siduction installed and maintained until just this month when it didn’t make the cut to a new laptop. It’s well supported, easy to install and has sufficient documentation. Never had an issue with upgrades or significant package failures. If I was all-in Debian it would be a must have distro.


I tried Antix within the last month. Almost sure it gave me the option to go Stable or Testing. I liked it but was new to all 3 of their switchable desktops. I prefer looking at each by itself at first so i know I’m not using bits and pieces of several. That said, Antix and Siduction would be my go-to Debian derivatives if i had more time to play round with tons of distros. I never really got the hang of Synaptic, but since I’ve had a little experience with Fedora’s Dragora it might make more sense.


You know Synaptic/Apt is a funny bird. It’s got so much functionality that its cheat sheet of commands is more lengthy than zypper, yum, and pacman combined. That’s not a knock – just a way of saying the development is both exhaustive and the origin of cross-eyed learning. For example, as great as zypper is there is nothing available to even approach APT’s exquisite “autoremove” command. And the “dpkg” set of commands makes package configuration and source installation a feat of amazement.