Debian Sid based distros -


Anyone else using a Sid based distro?

VSIDO is back from their winter heiatus so I’m doing a bit of helping out there.


I have heard of it but never checked it out.


Nah, haven’t checked out any of the new Debian-based distros. Quite keen to check out a minimal Debian. Should be cool


VSIDO has some bugs, but pretty solid. I contribute some of the fluxbox themes.

I haven’t looked at Siduction or Semplice in a long time. I assume they’re still active.


I remember checking out Siduction a very long time ago.


I checked out their site, had a recent release. Switched over to the calmares installer.

Semplice appears to be dormant though.


This one rather surprised me, quite nice.



Did you install it, or just use the live session?

Looks pretty good.


That Xebian looks nice, gonna check it out.


I did, on a small testing partition. Functional, looks good and not burdened with a load of crap as many xfce distros seem to be. Nice.


That’s the key, not too much crap. One of the reasons I loved BunsenLabs so much.


How about MX Linux? Not sure if it is on Sid, I’m not up with the versioning names of Debian, but has had great reviews all around.


Based on stable I think Matt and a bit too busy for my taste but very well done.


It does look well done. Gonna try that Xebian out soon.


both MX and antiX are Debian stable; sister projects with different packaging. Sparky is Debian Testing - also very well packaged.


I have been meaning to try out Sparky Linux.


Just installed xebian to metal.

Nice build of basic Xfce desktop and everything working out of the box.


Installing Xebian now, first impressions are that it looks very slick. Love that default wallpaper.


It’s pretty smooth. The iso seems a bit large for a basic Xfce install - several icon sets though; those add up.

They don’t include the contrib non-free repos in the sources.list. Took me a few minutes to realize that when I was trying to install Nvidia drivers.

Dual boots just fine with ArchLabs.


You’d think the Xebian guys would say you need to add the non-free repos?

Since I can’t test any ArchLabs on my craptop I am checking out Sparky Linux also.