Debian 11 is coming

They just released Debian Installer Bullseye RC 1


Oh, interesting, thx for sharing @chroot

Glad Debian does not act like Ubuntu. Every Ubuntu release makes 7 announcements. 7!

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Wow, haven t followed ubuntu in ages I must say ! Except on my linux beginnings a 1000s years back ! lol

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Can’t wait! :wink:

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Awesome news @chroot, thanks for the heads up. I am really looking forward to the new Debian release.

It’s like waiting for last year, especially for those already on Bullseye or Sid.

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Yes I know, but I find it tiresome to rely sid in the long run. So I kind of like to have stable base to just be @.

Absolutely. Running SID is like a defeat for using Debian.

Anyway, if anyone want the “rolling release” thingy, Arch is the way to go in my humble opinion, not sid.

True, but say you’re running Debian Stable on one machine/partition, then running Debian Sid or Testing on another. It’s still Debian, it’s just a matter how comfortable one is with either. To me, having both Testing and Sid available adds more choice to Debian overall. Then again you can also compile from source.

That’s more of a AUR vs. Sid thing, or AUR vs. Testing. When did Bullseye start the testing phase, like almost two years ago? Of course Debian is widely deployed, and maybe doesn’t have the human resources to scale for releasing versions with a faster timeline, but that’s a long timeline to bake in a version.

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Of course, I respectfully disagree based on my own experiences using Sid as one of my daily drivers and never had an issue in the year I have been using it. That’s not to say that in the past (longer ago) I didn’t with Sid - I think Sid has come a long way since then. Now, if you were speaking of Experimental - then yes, I would agree.

I suppose it really comes down to ones hardware, and use case that would influence ones opinion


use case that would influence ones opinion

Thanks. A good defenition.

Tried this net installer for Bullseye this afternoon. Didn’t encounter a single issue. If you plan to do a new Debian install, try this one.


The full freeze has started:

Not long now…

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Oh, some fun action in the pipes !lol

Wonder what this is gonna do for all the users on Sid.

The problem in Debian now is not the number of packages available, it’s the performance of apt. It had been the king of Linux package manager for so many years and now has finally shown its age. Hope Debian Dev can focus on how to improve current package management, not to extend the package list.


bullseye release planned on 2021-08-14


Thx for sharing @Head_on_a_Stick