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My new and improved Deadbef config.

Config File


Ye Olde Deadbeef layout had an update today.

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Still work in progress. I had all my buttons set up and one stray click fucked it all :expressionless: , so I started over. Will post config once I get it all finished

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It’s so bloody unforgiving, XD

My solution is to do one button to understand what I need then just edit the config, at least there I have better control.

Thanks dude

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I find Deadbeef insanely frustrating when setting up custom buttons. Frustrating enough not to use it.

MPD and ncmpcpp have been my go to for the last couple of weeks.


Thats why I stopped usuing it too.

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Got the itch to check out Deadbeef again. Just a simple setup.

Config link.

Just an update to the previous look. Pretty much settled with this.


Nice tweaks @Dobbie03

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