Cycle through layouts

Hi, sorry if maybe this is obvious but I can’t find it.
Is there a way for cycling through different layouts?

To me, it’s more intuitive to have a single bind that switches to the next/prev layout than having a bind for every single different layout.

# change active workspace layout
alt + {t,r,m,g,s,w,f,u}
	dkcmd set layout {tile,rtile,mono,grid,spiral,dwindle,none,tstack}

Thanks, but that’s not what I meant.
What I’d like to do, is to create a bind for switching to the next/prev layout, like, for example, while I’m on tile I press super + ctrl + Left and it makes me switch to rtile, hit it again and switch to mono, and so on…

Try this works for me.

# change active workspace layout TESTING super + ctrl + Left
super + ctrl + Left
	dkcmd set layout {tile,rtile,mono,grid,spiral,dwindle,none,tstack}
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that’s perfect, thank you!!

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Nice @KoO :+1:t4:

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