came across this new project on the internet.
looks a bit like deepin imo

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Looks nice. Is this a Gnome/KDE mix? I’ve seen Felix Yan’s name in the Arch GPG key list before.

There is not a whole lotta documentation with it.

Dude who needs sleep, a shower, and a barber with a YouTube vid on it:

Not exactly the most rousing rollout of a distro, and it seems like a lot of maintainers of distros have given up on Deepin. I always found Deepin a bit disjointed, far less cohesive than OS X and macOS. I am not a big dock user, even with Mac. It’s like the old MIUI on a desktop, but now static.

Have it installed in VB, looks nice but still needs a little more love.

Would that make it right?

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Certainly helps.

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LOL - talk about a blast from the somewhat past
Now I have Xanadu (wThe Tubes) running through my mind, lol

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I ROFL at the histrionics of her band in the video, it’s cringeworthy in the lulz sense. It’s Loverboy territory, but even worse. Hell I think Loverboy stole a lot from this vid, even Olivia’s headband lulz.