Custom Startpages

Do you guys use a custom startpage? If you do share it here.

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I finally got mine finished. The backend is a fucking mess but it works


Nicee @Dobbie03

Mine s all stock, no mods, lol

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That is pretty cool… is it something you did from scratch or is there a template or something you started with?

I edited the original from @elenapan and added a search bar + wallpaper.

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One without the bookmarks. For some reason they aren’t scrolling, I need to fix that.

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Mine is a modified (change colors and bookmarks) version of the original startpage from here:


Nice! I really miss irene/fog. She was/is one talented lady.

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@Dobbie03 Yes, she is. It is sad that i discovered her work so late. She has so many interesting scripts etc. on her site.

Yes, a talented person. I wonder what became of her?

I wonder too. Maybe no time anymore for stuff like this. But who knows…

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:man_shrugging: I don’t know either!

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Then we are 2. :rofl:

@Dobbie03 I think, i ask her. Maybe i have luck.

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Nice @subjunkie

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I use palemoon and they have as home page which is not too bad. Its behind a pay wall for extra features like customization, but the default is pretty good. You can check it out here

Ive never really looked to far into having a customised startpage, bookmarks do just fine but can see this is eye candy.

Where do I put this folder?
In .mozilla?

You can make a custom startpage with simple html and css/javascript and place it in any folder in $HOME, you just need to direct the browser to the link in preferences/general/homepage if using firefox.

I try starpages on firefox and it happens to me that when I reboot I lose all the bookmarks, does it happen to you too?
Of course I had the .mozilla backup and I still have them all.

Have a look at a firefox addon called Tabliss, its very similar to a highly customizable startpage but for tabs, you can also set the startpage to use the addon as well, only it has to use it for all new tabs as well.

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Looks nice @s7l

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