Custom Install ISO

Hey guys,
I’m a passionate Linux (Arch) user trying to create a custom Arch-based distro. Baby steps first - I’m looking into creating my own install ISO. I read the ArchISO page on the Arch Linux Wiki, but when I asked a forum question about the topic, I was shot down rather rudely. I’m hoping someone here could give me some pointers!


Forgot to add - the idea of my installer is to provide an ultra lightweight ISO file that launches a graphical program on startup. I will take care of coding this program; I would just like to know how to customize the ISO (I experienced some trouble trying to edit the packages.x86_64 file).

Hello @coder_kalyan, welcome.

Best thing is to read the Wiki I suppose.

I’m sure @natemaia will have some tips for you.

I have read the wiki. I came across some errors since it doesn’t seem to explain the build process very well. Is it possible to start from scratch in some way - and just make an ultralightweight linux ISO that is capable of running something that installs Arch Linux?

Of course, how you do that is beyond me. I’m hoping at @natemaia can chime in with some tips and advice.

Hello @coder_kalyan I can help you with tweaking the archiso build.

Do you have any shell scripting experience, changing most of the build process will require it.

Are you using /usr/share/archiso/configs/releng as a starting point?

That would be /usr/share/archiso/configs/baseline

Let me know what you’re having issues with or what you’d like explained and I’ll do my best.

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Hello @natemaia thanks! I have enough shell scripting experience to read and write it, and I can google the rest :slight_smile: I am using releng as a starting point but I might switch to baseline. I will try it once more and let you know!

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