Custom Firefox CSS


With the latter versions of Firefox you can customise the look of FF using custom CSS. Share your creations or favourites.

You can find examples at Reddit


This is nice


I something similar, New Tab Homepage, not quite a new button like this extension that you showed but at least already opens the new tab in the site defined. :grin:

Now my css is broken, I can not hide the decoration of the system window as before, I did dwongrade from Firefox, I installed the default version after the dev and did not change, only the close, maximize and minimize buttons were moved to the left side , I still use a css file that you provided in another topic, until I changed the system theme but nothing happens, I’ll do other tests!


If you have a back up just delete that chrome folder and start again I think.


I tried but nothing happens, but it has a detail, I have the AL in a USB drive and there the css works with the most current firefox, it is now an older version of AL

Is weird… :thinking:


So I thought I might play around with Firefox again, this is the current set up


Back on the dark side again @Dobbie03 ! lol


Never leave it my friend…well rarely.


lol, yep


I still use the css you provided and this perfect, no changes with the FF update. :+1: