Custom ArchLabs Wallpaper


No problem my friend .


The image from Saturn is from here. I used one of the wallpapers in my system, took the logo out from it and made it transparent.


Nice paper in there @Booming


Great work, looks amazing.


Just awesome. :sunglasses:


I usually have for each distro running on main hardware (main PC or Laptop) a custom wallpaper. I do not have this distro for very long and today I took some time to tweak my wallpapaer a bit again. So, here is version 2.1. Just tell me if you also want to have the gimped version, maybe I will upload the files to GitLab then. Anyway, have fun.


@Booming That’s gorgeous, very nicely done :grin::+1:

I assume that’s Cassini, depicted lower-left?

Wow, love this.


That is a sharp looking wallpaper. Great work again.


Yes, I think it is. At least I found that picture in connection with that mission ending earlier this year.


Thank you for the effort, it’s a keeper man :grinning:


I saw this gorgeous photo of a cave in Iceland, and it took my breath away. Also, it matches my spring/green theme.

December 2018 Screenshot Thread

Most excellent.


Nicee @LionessAlana


I guess I will keep that in my mind for spring on the northern half of the world. :slight_smile: Looks cool.


Wanted a nice minimal archlabs wp to match my colorscheme.


Very nice.


Top job again @LionessAlana


Basic but I like it this way ^^


This looks extremely cool!


Looks great @gazeka74