Custom ArchLabs Wallpaper


@pippo you legend! My monitor is 1920 × 1200. Thanks in advance! :computer:



I’m visualizing an openbox/fluxbox theme with that color scheme.

Suppose to rain tomorrow …


Sorry I wasn’t able to adapt the previous one to the correct resolution :frowning_face:


Another nice paper in there @pippo , keep it on .


Thanks man, you are super-supportive!


@pippo, Lol, I try !


That’s awesome - thank you @pippo. Great start to the weekend!!


Okay, @pippo, it looks like you’re the wallpaper queen for this forum. I’m just too busy to make my own from scratch. Excellent work, by the way. By chance, are you a graphic designer?:thinking:(career wise)


I think my Sandy theme will go with that.


Thanks @sevenday4 , not a graphic designer, just an amateur.


It should; that’s what I was thinking when I started grabbing colors from the image.


Hmmm, tried to see your wallpaper @Dobbie03, but from my end I get the blasted 404 page. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yep. Me too.


A simple wall to practice with Inkscape. I almost forgot how to use it.


Try again mate


Thanks man, that works using my tablet, but not on phone. But that’s okay, I can now see it at least. :grin:


Cool, not sure what was happening further up?


I don’t either. Once in awhile there’s a glitch where someone posts an URL and for what ever reason, it just fails. It’s pretty bizarre and annoying.


Looks great , keep it on @PDM .