Custom ArchLabs Wallpaper



Guess we are twins in the kitchen ! lol


If you guys lived near me I’d cook lasagna for you!



lol, would be a pleasure !


A gastronomical pleasure!


Yeah , in addition of a metal desert ! lol


Headbanging while cooking and eating is an art I tell you.


lol, you bet, takes years of intense practice.


I didn’t notice this thread full of awesome wallpaper, or else I wouldnt’ve bothered making any :stuck_out_tongue: These are all very nice :o


@pippo Been away and hadn’t noticed these but damn girl! You’ve got some talent! :sunglasses:

Thank you.

  • Any chance on making these for us slobs with more than one display? :grin:


Sure, can you give me some specs? Dimensions, resolution, suggestions…
I am done with hen parties/wedding/post weddings, so i’ll be at home this weekend (most of it)


Resolution’s set at 1920x1080 for each display, 3840x1080 in total but don’t feel obligated to do all that work. I’m using the ‘Get sexy’ one you posted above on my laptop. Love those old hollywood-like photographs.





Gee @pippo , you ve got too much talent in there ! lol, Keep it on !


@altman Thank you


@pippo , No problemo!lol

July 2018 Screenshot Thread

@pippo That’s fantastic, thank you! :grin:




Nicee ! You don t stop right ! lol Keep them coming up !