Custom ArchLabs Wallpaper


Okay, this is not quite finished, but the idea is to get the psychonaut into a forest. This has two layers with cubist effect


I tried it on my phone, it looks good


Looks great !


@subjunkie More kaleidoscope effect with (micro)cubism


@Negata Awesome! Your newest wall is awesome 2. Biggest respect !


Thanks @subjunkie !!



@Negata It`s a pleasure! or this: I’d be glad to! What is the right way to say that in english?


@subjunkie I like the texture of this


“My pleasure”, or a simple “You’re welcome” would be the correct response in English.

“De nada” in Spanish, or are you in Portugal, @negata?


@PackRat In Spain. Yes, one would say “De nada”


Nicee @Negata @subjunkie


@PackRat OK. Thank you.


@Negata Thats the “Mosaic” filter in gimp.


Danke! I like the effect, this week I’ll try it. I’ve some idea, and I think that this effect can be useful to me. You know @subjunkie, always playing with gimp


Yes sir! I know. :space_invader: …btw… You know @Negata I`m always waiting for your new pieces of “gimp-art”.


@subjunkie I’m glad you like them :sunglasses: This week: “Spring Collection”.


@Negata I`m glad that you make walls that i like! Less work for me. :yum: Nah… Your walls have their own style. And i love that. Really good work and IDEAS!


No no no no! :relaxed:

Thank you @subjunkie. I try to be unique walls (I know, always too crazy)


@Negata Unique!! That was the word i was searching for. :exploding_head: Your walls ARE unique. AND YOU KNOW THAT! Just kidding. OK. Now i make a little bit PRESSURE: I want new walls! Go, go, go!