Custom ArchLabs Wallpaper


lol, instead of REGULAR besides his username maybe ! Just a suggestion here.


Yup exactly.


That would be great, wonder if @Negata would like it.

Anyways, one vote from me on that .


Ok, the people have spoken, I accept it. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Done! Hope you like your new title.


The new title already appears! It’s very crazy, but I like it. Thanks family!


After this honor: I add that, the most beautiful thing of all this is that I learned to use gimp with my archlabs, seeing the other shared wallpapers and trying to give shape to some ideas.




Good one @Negata!!


Congrats @Negata , the Master of Gimp . & Thx to @subjunkie for the suggestion


Gracias (Thanks) @altman @philT


No problem @Negata .


I know, too crazy


Nicee @Negata , keep it on !


@altman The previous one comes from this


Oh, little bit crazy right ! lol Good job.


And a little clearer


Good job Master !


I like it. :monkey_face:


@PackRat I wanted to make one similar to space / stars, and it has come out that way


And in gimp it would be: Filters > Map > Fractal trace