Custom ArchLabs Wallpaper


I changed the first, it had gone too clear.


Nice tweak in there @Negata


@PackRat It’s made from the colors added by @subjunkie. I’m glad you like it

February 2019 Screenshot Thread

Top work again @Negata


@altman It reminds me of buildings in a dislocated city seen from above


lol, you bet !


@Negata aaaaaaand downloaded! Now my favorite wall.


@subjunkie From your colors, the contrast didn’t appear as we wanted, but I made a strange mixture with those same colors and it came out that way. I really like how it looks.


Top @subjunkie @Negata


Tbh, it looks like a town hit by a tornado. :thinking:



Yes, you’re right


@Negata Me too. This mixture fits perfectly for me. - “… and it came out that way” - That`s the reason why i love gimp. :wink:


@subjunkie & @Dobbie03 style. This is made in 4K :sunglasses:

March 2019 Screenshot Thread

I’ve made another with the previous wallpapers.


Top job again @Negata


@altman I’m trying new resolutions. Although they overflow on my screen, I like how they look


@Negata Love that wall. You have to rename your username in “Gimp Master”.


It would be very crazy. Thank you @subjunkie :relaxed: . I have more, but I don’t want to saturate. Now I’m testing with other color mixtures and with great resolutions.


@Negata OK. Iam waiting for the new Masterpieces.


I can make that happen if you’d like @Negata