Custom ArchLabs Wallpaper


Cool, Keep them coming up @Negata


This time more colorful


A wallpaper for the winter :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:


Nice job again @Negata


Do you have this without the logo?
I tried to remove it myself; epic failure.

Epic work; I like the simpler ones.


@PackRat I think I saved it without the logo. I’m going to look for it


@PackRat Ok, here it is. But since it is made with the image of the previous post (β€˜purple1’), the logo appears


Top again @Negata


I meant the blue & purple one.
Should have specified.


Ok, sorry :see_no_evil:, right now



thanks :monkey_face:


I have titled it, crying fire.

It’s a mixture of purple1 and this:


Another variant


Top @Negata


These are the wallpapers that I made with the picture I told you


Great job again @Negata


Too crazy


How do you do these kinds of wallpapers?


I do them with GIMP. One day I installed it and started to try it. At first I tried all the tabs, all the effects. I usually make distortions and changes in contrast and color or lighting. Or I also mix layers with transparency