Custom ArchLabs Wallpaper


December 2018 Screenshot Thread

Thank you man. Love that wall, nicely done @subjunkie :+1: :grin:


Thank you mate.


Sweet paper @subjunkie


That is really nice. Reckon you could make a 7680x2160 with the current logo etc in the middle?


I can try that tomorrow. Is that ok? I`ve never done that before, but i try.


Not a prob! Look forward to what you come up with.


So… I have tried to enlarge to 7680x2160 the wall via Gimp, but when i want to save it, my Desktop freeze and i have to reboot. I have try this several times(14x :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:), but always the same freezing bull…! Sorry Dobbie… I tried my best. :upside_down_face:


It’s okay mate, thanks for trying. If you want, can you please email me the components and I’ll put one together?


Sure. I send you a mail to pm.


Thanks for that, just received it.


I add it here


Nicee @Negata


@altman I know it’s very dark, but it’s good for my eyes. I have to check them


You bet @Negata


I just checked mine in September. I can read the second to the last line of the chart. But, reading anything near me and I would have to use cheaters. I’m far sighted, but I don’t need prescription glasses.


I use glasses, every so often I have to make new ones because the graduation has gone up. These wallpapers and dark themes really relax my eyesight



Wow, looks great @Negata


Thanks sir @altman! I try to do things so complicated with gimp that I don’t like the final result (although I learn small things in the process), so I go back to the beginning, just mix tones on a smooth background and it looks good.