Custom ArchLabs Scrots


“Or I will taunt you a second tiem!” comes to mind… ok ok I’ll have go over the next couple of days…


Oh I love a good Monty Python reference. Good work.


spectrwm and fluxbox, AL 2018-12


@Dobbie03 Thanks for the thought man! I saw the thread winding down and I have not come up with a new scrot so I picked something interesting from the past.

@altman As always, thank you! I’m taking things easy and catching up on other hobbies.

@DatNobleSavage Just trying to be a rebel, everyone’s doing mostly dark around here. Yeah, It does look much brighter than it appears because the forum theme is dark.


You bet @m00n


I’d just like to interject for a moment. Pffft atom :wink: no vim/spacemacs @PackRat ?


@m00n looks fantastic!


Fixed that for you :wink:


Lol spacemacs ftw @LionessAlana and you know it!


Nooo, my poor early-morning memory of markdown has betrayed me!


I’m glad you like it, thanks !! :slight_smile:


Such great works folks! Very talented people here. Good eye!


Last call. Gonna close this one down later on today.


@Dobbie03 I’ll have an AL Cinnamon scrot sometime when home today.





Fresh AL install w/ Cinnamon


Added, thanks guys.

Shutting this down.

Thank you to all who contributed. If you still want your scrot added, flick me a PM.