Custom ArchLabs Scrots


Hi Everyone,

I am putting together a gallery for the Homepage. I’m planning on 10-12 images. Please post your contribution here and I’ll pick the scrots sometime at a later date.



The more customised the better, as long as it is an AL screenshot feel free to submit it.


My current setup! You wanted customised? I can oblige!


Perfect thank you!

I’d really like a selection of DE/WM’s that way we can show off AL in all it’s glory.


This is my default set up. Its not too customized. Only polybar, ob-theme and ncmpcpp. Hope that is ok. Greetings


Looks fantastic! Makes me happy to see aura and vivid :smiley:


Have a nice Saturday!!


Looks good! You could also consider using lolcat -t for a smoother gradient?


Thanks @LionessAlana . I’m testing lolcat -t, you’re right, it’s more compensated. I’ve changed the screenshot.


Looks great @Negata @LionessAlana @subjunkie





Anothe nice shot @gazeka74



Top job again @PackRat


Excellent stuff thanks everyone. This is exactly what I am looking for.


one more:


My two cents.

[EDITED] - I noticed the psuinfo -If (fan) executor not working on the netbook, due to the sensor missing.


Nice scrot in there @nwg


AL, bspwm, alacritty, dunst, ranger, mpv, cava
clean desktop with dunst datetime and battery popup notification:

and busy one: