#!++ / Crunchbangplusplus (Debian/OpenBox)

Has anyone tested? -> #!++

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Never tested always been more of a fan of BunsenLabs.

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Yes, I am your ‘anyone’, but then I discovered ArchLabs and fell in love


Nice review. A pity Jay isn’t a BL fan. But hey, choice is a great thing. I am anxiously awaiting Beryllium…

I played with it for some time. Have to admit, BunsenLabs is more polished.

CrunchBang is great because it demonstrated that how an old WM like OpenBox can be configured/tweaked to have a modern look & is easy to use. If I need OpenBox on Debian, I would do a Debian net install and install/configure OpenBox myself. Even in BunsenLabs, not all packages/utilities in the iso are needed by everyone.

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Ah, CBPP. Never did understand why corenominal didn’t object to the name after forbidding the #! community from using it for their continuation. Almost as if he was bitter that he couldn’t make a living out of them… :smiling_imp:

Anyway it’s a nice update and I see they still use their own repository with some custom packages, just like #! did. All good :slight_smile:

I think this guy is with System76. All his hardware is from it. I watched a PopOS vid from him and it was obviously a glowing one.

I tried the live ISO of this today, it brought me back to the good 'ol #! days. I already have BL installed, but this one’s kinda cool too.

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