Cristiano Ronaldo is back to MU

Thought he was heading to MC.

That must be a substantial contract in there !

€15m + €8m in add-ons. He’s in the last year of the contract that he signed with Juv. Too much for a rental player. He’s 36 and has past his prime. Glad MC didn’t pick him up.

Nice little contract ! As you stated, too much.

Not if you’re the Dodgers or the Yankees.

Soccer is more demanding than baseball. Barry Bonds was still dominating in the box when he’s 36. No soccer player could achieve that.

They are totally disparate sports. Soccer is less demanding because the ball is kicked, not thrown at 95 mph over a strike zone. Baseball may seem slow, but speed matters in the base paths, batting, defense, and pitching. Plus having to catch the ball coming at all angles. There is also a ton of strategy and scouting in baseball, pitching and batting match ups matter, and you align the defense just because of that.

In soccer, there is only one player allowed to catch the ball with his/her hands, and move that ball forward with them. In baseball, and entire team on the field can do that. Throwing a ball that can knock someone out if it hits them in the head, unlike soccer where they use the head to move to ball.

One thing, in soccer or euro football ( I m not a big fan here) one never much stops running. Baseball, they have loads of breaks in between being at bat & on the field. ( offense & defense)

Also in baseball, I would not like being hit by the ball at 100 mph, one got hit lately if I remember well.

Ha, here it is;

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Also players being hit by pitchers s ball as stated by drummer above when batting.

Well they have the batters for the offense, and the defense has to be in position and in anticipation for when the ball from the batter is in play. A pitch off the bat can come up on the infielders in like a second, then throw it to baseman in another second. It’s a combination of reflexes, hand/eye coordination, athleticism, and teamwork, all in a matter of a few seconds. In relatively half the size of a soccer field. Angles are an even bigger factor in baseball than in soccer. One bounce can change not only the outcome of an inning but the entire game, even series of games.

Series of games. Unlike soccer, which doesn’t have a four game series in four days between franchises throughout the season and post-season.

Looks more like an endurance sports (soccer) compared to a kind of sprinter s sport so to speak (basebal). I must say.

A sprint around the base paths ain’t easy, especially when one has to beat the baseman to the base. Plus run to catch a fly ball, then throw it to a baseman as hard as one can, etc.

Soccer players aren’t running at full speed the entire match either. Plus I assume there are substitutions. You can’t run at full speed with a ball at your feet and the goalie moves more laterally, and there is a lot of lateral movement movement in soccer with the fielders. Soccer players have tremendous balance, especially laterally. So do baseball players.

Yep, but in soccer one has like what, 2-3 subs max, but I haven t checked the rules, Most of the games I saw had mostly 2 subs . & if one has a red card, bet the team with one less player if I remember well, but this has to be verified.

Ah got it here; Might not be the same for MLS or Euro Football;

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Anyway my point was that players over 35 get fat contracts all the time, look at Tom Brady, Reason why is that he can give a team a chance to win, maybe that’s the case with Ronaldo.

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Yep, it might motivate or coach the yougsters in the team while he s there, he won , they haven t yet, a good point.

Also, because of covid, the FIFA hallows 5 subs, which wasn t the case before, it was 3 allowed in tournaments ;

lol, the simpsons, they re something else !