Crisis at Void Linux vs Lead Developer vs Community

The only thing that caught my attention was the lack of a legal and official type document in the registry to avoid certain future complications. :thinking:

Information -> It’s FOSS


I saw that. Really sad that head developer chose to go that way. Saying that though, none of us any idea of what he maybe facing in real life.

This was one of the reasons that the team all have full access to all things ArchLabs.

Yes! :+1:
Feels pretty toxic at times. I feel sorry for the dude who opened the GitHub ticket in good faith and was just put right back in his place.

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I read every comment.
Now it’s like you said, nobody knows what is happening with the maintainer but the fact is that “the door is locked and there is no copy of the key” (analogy), the same is to indicate two or more people as responsible, as substitutes

After all nobody knows the day of tomorrow.

Yeah I read most comments. I’d like to think that if anyone involved in the AL team was intending to throw in the towel that they would hand over the configs etc. I know I would.


I understand.