Creating an environment w/ 4 desktops, an adventure tale

I have begun a series of posts on my website that highlight my adventure(s) in building a single user environment with 4 desktops. The desktops involved include

  • bspwm,
  • fluxbox,
  • openbox, and
  • xfce.

Be advised this series may not be for the “feint of heart”. For those who venture into this adventure, welcome. I hope you find the materials informative albeit opinionated, like most of my writings.



…polybar my ‘goto panel for most desktops is among those…

I personally do not like the fluxbox (FB) toolbar and will see if I can either bend it to my will or find an alternative that will work.

Care to elaborate? Polybar, xfce4-panel, and tint2 all work with fluxbox. What issues were you having?

Wow, thank you for your interest @PackRat . I can’t get polybar to start in a traditional manner from the start file. I get an invalid user error when I execute the command via cli. Otherwise I just get nothing. Here’s the highly sophisticated command I use for OB, hlwm and bspwm that works

	`~/.config/polybar/ &`

Arrgh I see the problem now, because of your question. I need to create a fluxbox section… duhhhh. :woozy_face:

Edit: Yep that was it. Oh man, I hate those brain cramps… btw. that freed about 90 MB.

@PackRat you are a genius… special for you, here’s a screenshot of the fluxbox setup (still unfinished but I’m getting there). btw. You probably already know this but sxhkd works wonderfully with fluxbox, openbox as well as bspwm.

Thank you!!!

What’s the video player using the client-side gtk3 decor? Easy fix to make that border only so the decor won’t clash with any fluxbox style you’re using. Otherwise you’ll need to find a matching fluxbox style.

Yes, but openbox and fluxbox have excellent key binding control so I’m not sure why you’re doing that. Are you trying to set up some sort of universal login/config like BL is trying with Lithium?

Nice adventures in there @manyroads

To answer your two questions, I am building a single login offering multile desktops. I want shared bindings that are as far as possible identical. I prefer to create all of them once. No good reason for that except, I think I can.

As for the video player, it is celluloid. My grandson’s like the way it makes their educational shows with opa (me) work and look. Yes, the fluxbox window theme ‘is U-gly’. It’s what comes with the distro release (MX 19.1, they like it. Me, not so much.) I’ll probably leave that alone.

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@altman it’s just me lost in the weeds. :wink:

lol, bad boy !

Check out box-look; if the gtk theme is popular or the default for a distro, you may be able to find a matching fluxbox theme.

Thank you, I will do that. Last time I futzed with fluxbox I think I found an adwaita or Numix look alike with those wonderful Ubuntu colors. :hugs:

@manyroads Good luck on your venture. A worthy task that.

Here is the second installment. Feedback is appreciated.

Top again @manyroads .

Have plenty with one environment on my end ! lol

Can definitely screw it up big time.

I have had to create workarounds for my MX setup to provide functionality equivalence between arch & Debian bases.

What fuctionality(ies) are you referencing here?

@PackRat Specifically on MX and antiX, xbacklight does not function nor does the workspace ‘occupied’ function change colors (at all) on polybar. The same workspace feature does not appear to work very well on either fluxbox or openbox. I’ve tried a few of the xworkspace suggestions offered here by @natemaia as well as a few from other sources. As a work around I simply use the Rofi feature shown on the following image: