Crazy Weather


That New Zealand?

Texas gets those baseball sized hail once or twice a year.

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Wholy crap, hope it didn t screwed up some bodywork in there !

Rain giant stones!

Mother nature is not happy right there. Crickey cricket balls!!

Poor Audi ;(

Wow! Stay safe man! Weather is crazy all over the world, and unfortunately, it’s not going to back to normal…

OH no, this isn’t NZ, it was a random gif I found on Imgur.

If you guys come across similar stuff post it here.

I bet that’s happening somewhere in tornado alley then.

Tornados are kind of surreal because the swath of destruction is narrow and devastating. I think I still have pictures from when I worked in Tennessee. Three houses in a row, the two on the ends are untouched, the one in the middle has a 100 foot oak crushing it, and you can see the swath of destruction across the countryside. You sort of have to be there to appreciate how weird that is.

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That blows my mind. I’d rather not be there to witness it :smiley: In my comfortable lounge watching it on tv would be preferable :smiley:

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Well , Texas & Oklahoma, Mississipi, Louisiana, Alabama comes to mind, been there often when driving big trucks, saw these weeks afterward, rather crazy.

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Don’t forget Illinois, Nebraska, and Iowa. There’s places that used to be dry as a bone and now so flooded you would think they were raging rivers. Destruction every where.


Well , pretty true, weird stuff happening.

I was living in Vegas for a smaller one of these:

nothing like Phoenix though:

Yeah, Phoenix is very bad. A lot of the time you would have to pull over because the flying dust is so thick.