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Are we bragging @Dobbie03? Lol yeah those of us in the states are a whole day behind you island dwellers. :grin: Hey @McQ I used to be a desert rat myself. Lived in Phoenix, Glendale, and unfortunately Mesa.

Yep … 'bout a month till all the snowbirds fly away and we begin the curing process once again. :meat_on_bone: :meat_on_bone::meat_on_bone:

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Don’t forget to scrub the sidewalks. You also may think that it is a ghost town when they leave. You’ll actually have room to drive even. If they wait too long, they will actually melt!

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LOL! Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.

We actually had a congressman who thought that islands float on the water and was afraid that may capsize if you had too many people on them. Hopefully, yours won’t capsize! Lol So if you get that sinking feeling…

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^ Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia; he is still in office. Search “hank johnson guam” on youtube.


That’s right! And unfortunately, most of Congress are loonies, to say it kindly. It’s no wonder we’re in such a mess. And don’t ask them about assault weapons, they have not a clue. Makes you wonder if they all think islands will capsize…

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Seriously? He thought islands float? Bet you he thinks scientists stashed the dinosaur bones too.

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He did. The Navy was going to station an additional 8000 Marines with family on Guam. Hank thought the island might capsize with the that many additional people. Whenever people ask me “what’s wrong with American politics?” I play them that video.


You couldn’t make this up! Pelosi still thinks one of the Bush’s is still the president. He probably doesn’t even know what a dinosaur is if it sat on his lap and stared him in the face. He’ll probably think that is a chihuahua.

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Well the Bush’s are from Texas. You know … everything is bigger in Texas.

Even the chihuahuas! :dog2:

But not brains by the sounds. Maybe the heat shrinks them?

We got way off topic, created this one. Feel free to rename the thread, Mods.

Well believe it or not, a lot of these loonies are from areas where there is a lot of water. The Bushes are from Texas, but I am not sure what part. But the Bush, Jeb to be exact is in Florida. The two Bush brothers are as smart as a bush. It’s crazy who ends up in government. Everything in Texas is supposedly bigger, but for the Bushes, brains ain’t it.

I’ve heard that FLorida is a little crazy. Lots of weird happenings.

Next to California, I think Florida is trying to out do in the lunacy department. A couple of Congress members who are way out there to sheriff deputies standing down while people are being shot up. Where would you like to start?

I seen a fair few memes showing the crazy of Florida.

Well, let’s just put it this way, Florida is a meme. Florida is one of those places where when things go wrong, it really goes wrong. If isn’t the political arena then it is the environmental arena. They just can’t get anything done right or have things go right for them. When it comes to craziness, I think they are trying to out do California.

Hahahaha, the best thing about Florida that I know of is the old school Death Metal scene. So many good bands.

I think it’s because it allows them to escape the lunacy, either that or the alligators are after them. Or could it be the strange people who live there.