Anyone else use Covergloobus here?


Matt can you remind me please of the plugin I need for audacious 3 to work in covergloobus?

Nop, didn t know it existed ! Might give it a shot shortly.Thx for that .

@philT, Copy and paste in terminal:

sudo wget -O /usr/share/covergloobus/players/Audacious3.py_.tar.gz; sudo tar -xvf /usr/share/covergloobus/players/Audacious3.py_.tar.gz -C / usr / share / covergloobus / players /; sudo rm /usr/share/covergloobus/players/Audacious3.py_.tar.gz


Yes! Thanks @anon37345411 #legend


lol, a machine !Keep it on mate.

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@philT, @anon37345411 was too quick :smiley:

Speeding Ticket big time now ! lol

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@philT, @anon37345411

Since I’ve been using it a lot, let me add an alternative way. There are 3 covergloobus builds in rhe AUR. Install the covergloobus-bzr and you are set. It has more plugins than the other two. If I’m using a Debian based distro, I made a note on building covergloobus from the bzr branch but adding the audacious plugin is quicker.


Thanks @m00n thats a good tip.


Not on AL, but on KDE Neon. My fav theme is the elementary-os one on deviantart. Simple & elegant with a bit of font customization that I do.

Using covergloobus with mpd
Can any covergloobus veterans confirm if seekbar, time & length display has ever worked before with mpd? Only the cover art, titles and playback controls are functioning. Using the ICS Orange theme, it works fine with other music players. I wanted to use this theme with ncmpcpp.


I had a couple of configs that worked okay with MPD though that was a long time ago.

It still works fine except seekbar, time & length in config are non-functional with mpd. Troubleshooting it for days got me nowhere. Throwing in the towel.

I’ve been using conky instead of covergloobus for a while now.

I noticed it. For me, there is a certain appeal to the various covergloobus themes that aren’t replicated yet in the conky alternative.

I totally agree 100%. It was with reluctance I moved away.

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People were very passionate about it back then. Lots of creativity and an explosion of designs. I’ll keep using it until the day it stops working.

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