Could this be true?

I have to wonder what Microsoft has in mind. Yet Linus is saying that Linux will always be free and will not be ruled by one company…yet…what do y’all think?

Well , bet that he s on crack now, can t believe that.

Something s wrong here, free & Micro$oft don t go together at all right !

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I agree, which is why I am very doubtful that Microsoft is now friends with Linux. Bill Gates doesn’t do things unless it fits his agenda. Just like him leading companies on vaccines when he believes in euthanasia for population control. I smell a huge rat.

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You bet, looks like linus s been bought up as loads of stuff that microsoft bought.

Might be a bigger rat than we think of !

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^ This. Read the GPL:

Any company that contributes to GPL’d code is forced by copyright law to always make any subsequent contributions and alterations public. It is for this reason that Steve Blamer described Linux as a “cancer”.

EDIT: and Microsoft isn’t “friends” with Linux, they just see a financial benefit in co-operating with it because Linux dominates the server market.

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But remind me, isn’t Bill Gates already out of the MS world? He has no real say right?

Yes, that’s right. Bill Gates has nothing to do with Windows any more. He is only involved in charitable work these days:

What @anon42040838 said is true. How much pull he has I don’t know, but he’s still got his tentacles in that company. He has 100 million shares in the company. But, Microsoft hasn’t been friends with Linux from the beginning. That company has a lot of resources that can be used to sway things their way. But either way, I don’t trust large corporations like Microsoft to play fair.

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Both politics and business make strange bedfellows… Microsoft, IBM, Oracle all know which side the bread is buttered on. As it turns out, it is the Linux side.

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@altman @sevenday4 The fix is in. Fuck Linus … if it were Stallman, he would have cursed Microsoft to kingdom come.

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I can’t disagree. Unfortunately, Stallman may have stepped on too many toes in Linux community which resulted in him being ousted. He should have tried to work on having allies instead of making everyone enemies in the community and he would still be in the position to defend Linux and the GNU. I have to wonder if Linus is trying to compromise with Microsoft for some kind of gain. I don’t trust Microsoft to be “friends” but they maybe trying to get control by compromise and bribery. Only time can tell.

Agreed that Stallman’s behavior alienated should be allies (too much of an idealist maybe?) but he was a fighter from the very beginning. Without Stallman there would have been no Linux (Linus would have to settle on making the free tools Stallman gave away instead of working on the kernel). I place those 2 as gods … newton and einstein of the Linux world. Linus selling out is just too much.

Just like MS is using ML on the historical data it collects about you to determine your personality, future behavior and actions, you can easily do the same with them. Don’t need time to forecast what they will do. 3Es and the variations of it.

It really does not matter anymore if Bill Gates have DIRECT involvement anymore. He’s already inoculated his previous subordinates with the principles of 3Es. Look at all those ex-MS employees that joined Amazon before the hay day, inoculating them and turning them into a predatory beast. The “desktop of the e-commerce” er … “platform of the e-commerce world”.