Could not satisfy dependencies

Hi everyone! Well windows broke my system (agai!) and now I have to reinstall AL. But when trying to update AL I keep getting this error:

Failed to prepare transaction:
could not satisfy dependencies:
installing x265 (2.7-1) breaks dependency '' required by ffmpeg-full-nvenc

It seems Firefox was the issue, so I told pacmac not to install FF. But, I am still running into this error. I have tried to use pacli to correct and to update to no avail. Can’t remove ffmpeg-full-nvenc because other apps (I’m still trying to get used to syaing apps instead of program, but I digress) needs this file. And no, you cannot delete for the same reason. Any ideas guys?

Nevermind, I got it figuered out. Had to remove ffmpeg-full-nvenc. Then do the update, then reinstall ffmpeg-full-nvenc. This is crazy!

Glad that you got it fixed, some stuff are weird somehow.

Well windows are causing issues, especially when updating. It wiped out my AL install. And now AL is having issues with keys not being accepted to issues with files. I don’t believe the fault lies with AL, but rather with those who are to maintain their projects and letting everyone know what changes were made so that distros can accommodate those changes. Just my thoughts. :thinking:

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Ah , you ve got Windows & AL installed on your system, weird that windows screws AL on updates, bad thing to happen, do you always have to reinstall or fix linux after each windows updates !

It seems to occur that way. Unless I install AL on my second hdd but I have arch on my second hdd. I was going to put mac iOS on that hdd. I do coding so I need those platforms to test my creations and updates. Yet, Microsoft wants to put out linux distros. Lord please save us from Microsoft!:flushed::scream::fearful::cold_sweat:

Bad MS ! lol

Reason #1005846325 why not to use Windows :smiley:

Unfortunately, some of my work requires ‘swindows’ and some of my software only runs on .net system. Can’t use wine or crossover. :crazy_face::grimacing::scream::face_vomiting::cold_sweat: It’s very annoying and time consuming to put everything back together. I think it was named windows because it always breaks!


Guess that if you have a different HD I would put MS install in there & only thise one, so your installs would be all right most of the time, just saying here.

The worst part of it would be the time to install windows , installs/upgrades apps installs etc.

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I’ve read of people having Windows update mess up their linux stores, but I’ve never had that problem.

My Windows is on partition 1 primary (sda1), and linuxes (4), are inside an extension. Maybe that’s why.

What do you mean by ‘inside an extension?’ What I’m thinking of doing is making sure I don’t do this:

grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

That will stop that issue. I can access either one through another means.

I miss thought, thinking you meant Windows as MS.

Yes, I’m talking about the nightmarish MS windows. Aaaaagh! I’m ready to throw my computer out the window, MS window that is…

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lol, had that feeling when w7 was on an old acer netbook !

ok then, what I was saying was I have 2 ntfs primary partitions, sda1, sda2, then all my linux partitions (sda3,sda5,sda6,sda7,sda8,sda9) are all inside an Extended partition. Windows never touches them.
Windows might mess with the mbr, but running ‘Super Grub Disk’ and I’m back in business.

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Okay now I see what you’re saying. It’s pretty much the idea I had in mind this time around. Windows is just cracking up more and more with each of its updates. If I didn’t need that offensive OS to run some important programs, I would have it banned forever from my computer!

Actually, I keep Windows installed, because in the morning I play 2 board games while it checks for updates, then more on with Linux. My thinking is, if I ever get a new computer and give this one to the Goodwill, I will leave Windows intact.

(I have never had issues with Linus updates, as I have with Windows cumulative updates. Why they don’t start using Delta updates)

It’s how they setup their OS. They use .net architecture and it’s totally setup differently from Linux. What scares me is that Microsoft wants to invade the Linux arena. There’s going be nothing than trouble. My take is that they will try to monopolize Linux for their own gains, or try to destroy it.